Website Design Services


Every successful small business needs a strong website. 

What We Can Do for You:

A website for your small business is an important key to its overall success. Your online presence is essential to bringing in the business you desire. Our only mission is to establish that strong online presence, with a strong website that is consistent with your brand and organizational goals. 


If you have just made the decision to have Exquisite Enterprises Inc design your new website, congratulations! Make sure you are prepared with the following:

  • Clear Goals for Your Website

  • A Good Hi-Res Logo

  • Pay Attention to Your Colors

  • Consistency in your Brand Messaging and Style

  • An Idea About Your Site’s Layout

  • Find the Right Outlets to Spread your Website’s Message

  • A Cohesive Content Strategy

Website Builders We Work With:

We are able to work with a number of different website builders to create your ideal site. The following are platforms we have had the most success and experience with. 

Wix | GoDaddy | Shopify | Weebly

Google Sites | Etsy | WordPress

What We Provide:

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.


When you’re clear about what you stand for, who you serve, what you do best, why you’re a great choice, how you’re different, & what results and benefits others will experience by interacting and engaging with you, marketing and sales become almost effortless. 

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.


When your brand shows up consistently across every marketing channel in the same way — with the same colors, typefaces, imagery style, and message — you build enormous brand equity, which leads to increased trust, credibility, and reliability.  

Website Building Services


Take advantage of our inclusive services at affordable prices.

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.




If you have an existing website or landing page you’d like to be completely revamped or changed. We give your site a completely new look and feel, and update any outdated information or photos on the site. We ensure your site is connected to all your social media pages, your SEO is up to date, and the site is functioning properly. 

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Complete Website Construction #1


We create a brand new website for you, ensure all necessary connections to your site are working properly, set up your SEO, create business listings for you on Google and Yelp. We also set up your hosting and domain. Costs of those are not included in our price. If you do not have photos or information on your business for your site, we search for free stock photos, as well as develop your brand messaging, and business summary. 

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Complete Website Construction #2


Includes everything from package one, as well as your social media pages being created.

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Landing Page Construction


A landing page is a one-page website. We build the site completely and ensure it’s connected to your social media pages, along with your SEO being set up properly. 

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Moving Website from One Platform to Another


If you are unhappy with your site on one platform, we move your entire site to a new platform for you. We take all of the information and move, ensuring all social media and other connections are working, we set up your hosting and domain, and ensure your SEO is set up. 

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.

Adding A Store or Booking Feature to Site


If you have an existing website you’d like a store or booking page added to, or set up, we set it up for you along with the necessary payment processor. 

Website Maintenace Packages


In need of changes to your site, or recently got a site done by us and think you may need some additional changes, take advantage of one of our maintenance packages. We offer two options for a certain amount of changes to your site for a set price.

Exquisite Enterprises Inc.
5-10 Changes
  • For Just $130
Exquisite Enterprises Inc.
11-20 Changes
  • For Just $190