Payment Policies & FAQs

Updated: May 28

Payment Methods Accepted

We only accept payment by invoice (in which you can pay with a Credit or Debit Card), Cash App to $payexquisitenow, and Venmo. Cash and checks are acceptable for SOME services or products.

Invoices are sent out to all customers for bookkeeping & receipt purposes, even if they don't pay through the invoice.

Full payment, or a deposit, is required for all services and products. Printing services require FULL PAYMENT upfront. Once an invoice has been sent out, the invoice will remain active for 30 days. After 30 days, if the invoice is unpaid, and the customer does not communicate or follow up regarding payment, the invoice will be canceled. An additional 10% of the total will be added for the invoice to be sent back out.

Quarterly Price Changes

Our pricing is subject to change as we see fit. Our pricing is a reflection of our level of expertise and quality that you will receive from us. Every quarter (March, June, September, and December) we review our pricing and services to ensure we offer the best quality in our service and reasonable pricing for what we are offering. During these reviews, we may adjust add-ons to services and features, and compare pricing to our competitors to ensure we are being competitive.

Any and all pricing will be updated on our website for all customers to view. Non-Exquisite Enterprises Inc. representatives or employees, past or current customers, affiliates, and partners, are NOT authorized to quote prices on services or may price guarantees on behalf of the company.

Price Matching

Price matching is a retail policy in which a business offers a lower price on an item or service if a competitor offers it at that price. Exquisite Enterprises Inc. does not, under any circumstances, offer price matching on any of our products or services. This policy is non-negotiable and will not be considered or honored by any customer.

In addition to not price matching, we no longer honor previous pricing or honor prices for any customers.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds on any of our products or services. If you have received a product or service that is not what you paid for or requested, you MUST submit proof of this, the service/product paid for, proof of purchase, along with a description of the matter to us for review. (Please send information to

The review process can take up to 2 weeks, and once a decision has been reached, you'll be contacted and advised on the next steps.

Payment Upfront Policy

We believe in transparency with our customers and clients regarding our policies and procedures. We offer a number of unique services and products to assist any small business owner or professional in accomplishing a goal or filling a need as they see fit. In order for us to provide the best service with absolute confidence, we believe that payment upfront allows us to be compensated properly for our time and work, and allow both parties to focus on the task or project at hand 100%.

We require payment upfront for all of our products and services because:

  • Covers Out-Of-Pocket Expenses

  • Some of our products and services require particular materials or access to resources we may not typically use or keep on hand. The cost of these expenses is built into the price of each of our products and services so that we can effectively provide a service, and cover those costs without inconveniencing the customer.

  • Builds Trust and Commitment to the task

  • The exchange of money in any professional relationship is something that should always be taken seriously. Paying upfront shows us your commitment to having a particular service or product provided and completed in its entirety. Failure to pay or delays in payment can delay previously guaranteed turnaround times and deadlines.

In exchange for payment being settled upfront, we make the promise to:

  • Frequently communicate with you regarding the status of completing your service, or providing a product to you.

  • Maintain a professional relationship from beginning to end

  • Transparency every step of the way when it comes to how we provide it service/product, where we are at in completing it, and anything we may need from you.

  • Guarantee completion of a service or product in a timely manner.