The Power of YOU Policy

We treat every new relationship with a customer as a partnership. We are working with you to provide you a needed service for your small business that will ultimately contribute to your success. We understand how important any kind of investment made into your business is, which is why we work diligently to ensure we offer you the best service and experience possible.

In any partnership, in order for us to be successful in our work on your behalf, we require the following:

  • Open Communication - If there is a problem, if you have questions, if you are feeling unsure of the decision you’ve made to work with us, please talk to us. An open line of communication between you and us is the only way that a partnership can exist. If there is information or details we need to know, we are relying on you to communicate with us so that we can be aware and provide solutions. We do our best to address any concerns in the beginning as well as collect all of the information needed to complete a service or task for you. Withholding information or details not only can stall the turnaround time of your service, but it is counterproductive to the work we are trying to do. So please, ask your questions, make your priorities clear, and be transparent on the information we need to know.

  • Honesty - Honesty is the best policy! A true partnership requires full honesty from both parties involved. We layout our services, pricing, turnaround times, and professional standards for you from the beginning. Any promise made is kept on our end. Please don’t make promises or advise of things you will do if you are unable to honor them. This includes promises of payment by certain days and promises to complete certain tasks by certain timeframes, etc. A lack of honesty can put great strain on a professional relationship and oftentimes can interfere with work being done or completed in a timely fashion.

  • Respect - We do not tolerate any form of disrespect from clients regardless if a service has been paid for or promised. Any instance of disrespect or unprofessionalism that interferes with services being rendered will lead to automatic and immediate termination of a service contract. This includes:

  • Calling, or double calling, at inappropriate times

  • Harassment via social media, text, email, or any other means of communication regarding company policies or matters that have already been addressed

  • Harassment regarding turnaround times or delays in turnaround times

  • Belittling remarks or demanding priority over other customers

  • Threats of violence, legal action, or libel against a representative or the company as a whole

  • Sexual harassment or inappropriate remarks, advances, and behavior of any kind through any medium

  • Professionalism - We ask all of our customers to maintain complete professionalism at all times when conducting business. Our goal when rendering services is to help you be successful, not to develop any relationship or friendship. The time we invest in working with you should only be focused on the service we are rendering.

  • Time Matters - As a full-service company, we work with a number of small businesses and brands on a daily basis. This does not mean that your small business is not a priority, it only means the time we make specifically for you and your small business so much more important. Knowing this, it is important that we share a mutual respect for one another’s time:

  • Please be on time for scheduled meetings, virtual or in-person

  • Please be prepared to meet discussed deadlines

  • Please read all correspondence carefully

Dedication - We are committed to every customer that chooses us to provide a service for them. The time, energy, and effort we put into things is paired with our unwavering dedication to you and your small business’ success. In order for our partnership to work, that means we need you to be as committed and dedicated to the work we are doing as much as we are.

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