Self Care Is A Necessity

I am a staunch believer that, no matter what lifestyle you live. No matter what your career or occupation is. Everyone and I mean everyone, deserves ME TIME. What is me time you ask?

Me time is time, well..for me. It's time that I take to unplug from the world, and plug into me. Many people like to think of me-time as a reward when actually it's not, it's a necessity. Life is a roller coaster and can be incredibly overwhelming at times. I see people, even celebrities, fall victim to depression and other mental health issues because they've become consumed by life and people, and there is literally nothing left for them at the end of the day. Me time is about carving out that mandatory time for yourself to be selfish and self-centered. Yeah, I know pop culture and your parents will make you think that being self-centered is bad, but when it comes to YOUR me time, nahhhh. Be as self-centered as you want to be.

Taking time away from the world is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. You can't take on the world, or contribute to it if you aren't all in one peace. Having your me-time is how you recenter yourself, remind yourself of who you are, empower yourself to be greater, enjoy yourself overall, and of course reflect so that you can move forward in a healthy way. Me time is where you work on YOU. The idea is to make it about you, and not about everyone else.

Don't say, "I need some me time so that I can get away from these kids." Instead say, "I need some me time so that I can refocus and work on myself for a minute." Remember, it's okay to make it all about you when it comes to me time. It's all about doing the things you want to do on YOUR terms. Here are a few suggestions on how you should spend your me-time:

1. Unplug from social media


3. Find a new show on your favorite streaming platform

4. Go out with friends, spend time with family

5. Stop answering the phone after a certain time of night or morning

6. Give yourself a day off from everything and everyone

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