Mo' Money, Mo' Streams of Income

So earlier this year, I made a big leap and decided to quit my full-time job. I know what you are thinking...Yay for independence! Or you may be thinking, "you big dummy." I'll be very honest with you, initially, when I quit, I was all "Yay for independence!" and then an hour when by and then I'm like "YOU. BIG. DUMMY." Emotionally challenging times I must admit, but oh well, here we are! We live in a world now that is not the same as when our older siblings, or parents, or grandparents grew up. You don't NEED to work a full-time job in order to provide for yourself, or your family. Life doesn't have to be just going to work and coming home, and then going to work and then coming home, and then going to work and coming home, every day until YOU DIE. Yup, YOU DIE. Technology is advanced, opportunities are increasing, and things have become a lot more possible in this world now. While I don't recommend just randomly quitting your job, I hope you really pay close attention when I say, IT DOES NOT GET EASIER. Yeah, of course, you are running the business you want, and living your life the way you want, but what else? I'm sure you've heard a lot about the beauty of side hustles and multiple streams of income. When people talk about side hustles and having multiple streams of income, I think it seems to have a negative connotation. "Omg, I'm not just gonna be able to just run my business and make money through that to survive???" If you are only wanting one way to make money, honey, go back to a 9 to 5 and just stay there. FOREVER. Apart from being an entrepreneur is finding problems, and creating solutions. Notice how those words are plural. On my journey of independence, establishing and having multiple streams of income can be a very empowering experience for anyone. Not only are you exploring the different opportunities that exist now to make money, but you are exploring the different talents and abilities that you have as well. For example, I run my business full time, and I'm also licensed to sell life insurance in my state. Now, Kimberly 7 years ago knew nothing about selling anything. I couldn't even sell you water if you were thirsty. But with a little bit of faith and an open mind, I created a way that was comfortable for me to sell...and I have a 2nd stream of income. Sometimes, finding another stream of income isn't necessarily about what you are good at, but what you have access to. Got a car and a smartphone? I could go all day long about the numerous rideshare applications, delivery platforms, freelance work platforms, and so much more. Why quit your full-time job, where you were doing ONE thing FOREVER, just to go do something else FOREVER, whether you like it or not? Here are some things you need to keep in mind

and do: 1. Don't knock it till you try it. 2. Keep an open mind. 3. Believe in yourself. 4. Find out what you are good at or care about. I encourage anyone, at any age, to find what they are good at and create those avenues for you NOW. Finding multiple streams of income isn't about making sure the rent gets paid on time, it's about coming into your own and tapping into your talents in order to live the way you want. It doesn't mean you don't have faith in yourself to provide effectively with one source of income, it just means you are doing what an entrepreneur does. Taking their talents and making difference.

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