Mental Health 101: Finding A Deeper You

In 2019, it's shocking and very disappointing that we've now begun bringing attention to issues of mental health and wellness. We live in a world where doing more than a 9 to 5 job is now the norm, which means people are busy! Busy following their dreams, busy helping others, business contributing to the world in diverse manners. Let's not forget the rise of the internet and social media that takes up a great deal of our time to actually live and be normal. And by normal I mean living life in whatever way is considered normal for a person. We are each becoming machines more and more because our ambitious nature in this new era allows us to forget one of the most important essentials for any person: self-care. Even now, you see celebrities chiming in on the mental health conversation. And here I thought money solved problems! It may seem silly but it honestly came to me as a shock to learn of so many celebrities that struggled with issues of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other condition. Let's not forget the numerous cases of people harming themselves, and others, with mental illnesses and/or conditions that are proven to have been unchecked or dealt with. With all of this, it created somewhat of a call to action for others to take their mental health, along with mental health as a whole a lot more seriously. Mental health should be a conversation that we all should be apart of, and make a priority for ourselves and the people we love. You can't possibly live a happy life, pursue your dreams, and provide for yourself and your loved ones without making your mental health a priority. Sure some of us put forth a great effort to make things happen, but how does someone in that position really feel? Stressed out? Overwhelmed? Frequently tired? On the verge of having a meltdown? Nobody who feels like this on a consistent basis is happy like this. I think the reason so many people live life this way is that we've made it taboo to discuss mental health. In my household when I was growing up, mental health problems were summed up like someone just "being crazy," or "going fool." There was no discussion, no help sought out for this person. This is how so many people dealt with mental health until now. Who knows how many deaths could have been prevented if we took the proper steps to diagnose and treat these conditions. The important thing is now, is that we create healthy environments for people to speak on problems they may be having or things they may be going through. It doesn't always have to be sending someone to a doctor for help, it can be as simple as just asking someone how they are doing, or just listening to them vent about what they may be dealing with. We have to make mental health, okay to talk about. It's okay to seek help if you feel like you are having a hard time. It's okay to speak up if you think you need someone to talk to. The best place to start, from personal experience, is to talk to a counselor. The best choice for anyone in the Lowcountry is Dr. Elizabeth E. Castle of A Deeper You Inc. With years of experience in countless leadership positions around the Southeast Region of the US and abroad, Dr. Castle has been more than just a servant to the community. She is someone that redefines what it means to be a leader, and what it means to serve. She immerses herself in any community she works with by finding whatever the problem is at its core. Her commitment to a cause is unprecedented, serving integral roles in a number of grassroots organizations and community initiatives. It didn't take her long to realize that her true calling within counseling, deciding it was best for her to help empower and serve the people more intimately. A Deeper You Inc. was created to be more than just a counselor, but a safe space for individuals to address their problems and their weaknesses, and tap into their potential to become better people. Offering everything from relationship counseling, to family counseling, to Paracletos counseling, she believes that progress can only be made when people work together, and that's what she does for her patients. She works with them to understand better what they may be experiencing, understand their diagnosis, and empower them to be greater. Outside of her work with her patients individually, she collaborates constantly with other organizations to create opportunities for people to come together and have a voice. Including her work with the Yissakar Ministry, Amazing Speaks, and the W.O.M.B. for female entrepreneurs. So if you are serious about addressing mental health concerns you may have for yourself, or someone else, Dr. Castle is your only option. Taking steps to maintain your mental health is one of the most beautiful ways you can care for yourself. The only way you can truly be happy and pursue the things you desire is to take care of yourself.

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