Meeting of the Minds Celebrates 10 years of Serving the Lowcountry

Over 6 years ago, I got this crazy idea in my head of starting an online magazine. I had just come back home from graduating early from college and was having THE WORST time finding work. I applied to so many different places, and literally don't think I heard back from anyone. For me, starting an online magazine was going to be a way for me to escape the frustrations of the job hunt, and allow me to do what I WANTED to do. So I did it. No clue what I was doing. I just created a WordPress page, interviewed some friends of mine that did music and other cool things, and just kind of ran with it.

One day, after maybe having my magazine for about a few weeks, I got this Facebook message from this guy. Never seen him before, never heard of him, and he just expressed how impressed he was with my website and interviews. I was in a state of shock because, "what? People actually visit my site?" So I told this guy about my dream and the direction I was trying to go, and he invited me to an event. That event was Meeting of the Minds, and that man was, who the Lowcountry knows as "Colors."

Anyone that knows Colors, or has encountered him in some way knows that: he is a character. Full of life and personality, funny, always working to bring people together, always trying to create opportunities for everyone. No matter what you think or feel towards him, Colors has and still is, one of the most influential figures in the local music and creative industry in Charleston. His brand of Long Time Coming Entertainment has given a voice and platform for so many individuals in Charleston to get started in their passion of choice or to expand on it and grow even further. Music, models, and fashion are just a few of his areas of expertise that he's helped locals break into. But even when he isn't helping to develop future professionals and musicians, he is consistently working to connect people in the most engaging ways possible.

Over 10 years ago, Colors decided he wanted to create an opportunity for creatives and professionals to consistently connect with each other while providing a platform for them to grow. With a big idea, he pushed past his fear and started the event series in his apartment of all places. He welcomed the world in, and it's been history ever since. Over the past 10 years, professionals and creatives from Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New York, and so many other parts of the country have come to the Lowcountry to network with power players in our local industries.

What does a Meeting of Minds event entail you ask? Endless connections with invited individuals from around the region, all with the expectations and desire to meet talented people. Every month has a different theme or industry that is spotlighted, with guest speakers on hand to offer useful gems to exciting creatives. What's a networking event with entertainment? Local artists and performers get the opportunity to perform their latest hits and connect with others within their industry. It doesn't matter what phase you are in your business, or what experience you may have, you are bound to feel inspired and empowered when leaving this event. It's just something about being around people that are JUST. LIKE. YOU. People who understand the frustrations on the way to success. People who are hungry to grow and learn like you are. It's impossible to not make a connection of some sort before leaving.

With 10 years of being a fixture in the creative community in Charleston, helping to establish countless careers, organizations, and community initiatives, there is only one way to go, and that's up! Colors is a true example of what it means to dream it, and then make it real. As just one person, with a small desire to help others, he's changed lives and the dynamic of Charleston forever.

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