Let's Reflect on 2020, One Last Time

What a ride 2020 has been! I don’t think any of us could have imagined being taken on the chaotic and unpredictable journey that 2020 has equally taken us all on for the past 365 days. This country was torn apart in many ways this past year, but we were all able to at least agree on the fact that 2020 was definitely a shit show of a year. From the Trump administration’s antics, COVID-19 running rampant around the world, unemployment and death totals rising every day, and so much more craziness that have been just the highlights for the year. Nonetheless, with all of the pain and agony we’ve endured, I can be honest in saying that this year was quite the character builder. Our culture and people have evolved in extraordinary ways. To honor our growth this year, we’ve compiled 7 of the best quotes on lessons learned from 2020: “Difficult times show us the real face of life and the real face of people.” “Self Care is a priority, not a privilege.” “We only have the present moment. The past is only a memory and the future is just a wish.” “Protect your energy, it is a limited resource.” “Only you know what's best for you. Trust yourself.” “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Don't be judgemental, be kind.” “Respond not react. Emotional intelligence is the key to making better life decisions.” Let’s continue the conversations online! Use the hashtag #2020MadeMe and share your stories and testimonies on lessons you’ve learned from 2020, and how your life was changed by this infamous year.

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