Legacy Building: The Significance of BITTA

Da Kashmere is one artist that continues to wade the waters of the independent music industry in South Carolina and refuses to be swept away. With his pending musical return, I'm sure that Da Kashmere will show and prove that he hasn't lost his step when it comes to being a must-watch artist in the region. Many local and independent artists offer great music but lack the skills and guidance to navigate through the business side of the music industry. Da Kashmere on the other hand sees this as his strength. With a rap sheet longer than the world will ever really know, Da Kashmere leads the pack when it comes to business savvy and talented. What many can appreciate and admire the most about him is that he never loses focus on the bigger picture. He's given us a number of hits over the many years he's been creating quality music, but his great contribution to the music and entertainment industry would have to be his brand of BITTA. I have a genuine appreciation for musicians like Da Kashmere, who bring more to the industry than just music. We live in a world now where no one just works a 9 to 5 and goes home anymore. People are pursuing their dreams, creating businesses, brands, and futures for themselves. Da Kashmere's music will live on forever, but BITTA is where his legacy will be created. A man of much knowledge and of many relationships, he used his lessons and experience to create a brand that represented the best of the entertainment industry in South Carolina. An organization that stands for quality talent and service, while providing platforms for individuals to establish themselves and grow their brands. Visual Media, modeling, event planning, an artist development program in the works, and even their own DJ coalition. There is no other brand designed like BITTA, which is so far from your average entertainment one-stop-shop. In addition to all they offer, all that they contribute to the industry is unmatched. Their Fashion Show Music Conference Extravaganza Weekend, this past August, celebrates the culture and creative talents of the Lowcountry and surrounding areas. Its second year, they clearly didn't miss a step, putting together a diverse display of rising fashion designers during their fashion show, and bringing together music industry leaders from far and wide for their music conference. It's not about the music for BITTA, it's about empowering the masses and leading them to change the future of the entertainment and music industry. Just like with his musical style, he's created a lane for BITTA and set an example for artists on the importance of always seeing the bigger picture, beyond the music.

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