Homecoming Blues

I just took a DNA test and it turns out, I'm old. This Fall I inch closer to the 10 year anniversary of my graduation from high school. Every time I think about it my body gets sore and one of my bones pop. It seems like just yesterday when I graduated from high school and prepared for my journey in college. I went off to college in Pennsylvania, and I was the only one of my friends going out of the state to go to school, so the summer after graduation was especially bitter-sweet.

This time of year I always get very nostalgic when I think about high school and all my old friends. Especially around Homecoming, but the crazy thing is, I never really was a fan of Homecoming during school or after. I was a nerd in high school so I wasn't really interested in socializing with students who graduated before me, or even the ones that were in my class. I was incredibly shy and that just wasn't my thing at the time. But as I get older I realize just how important homecoming can be for a person. Although I may dread it, or shy away from it, it's really a time that I can take to really appreciate my own growth from when I was in high school to now. I was a completely different, more insecure, and more shy person while I was in school. Granted, I was just a teenager, but high school was when I really decided I wanted to change my life and change who I was for the better. I went to an amazing college and, just I had hoped, my life changed forever. I came out of my shell and started pursuing my dreams, and none of that would have ever happened if not for my high school experience.

When I think about my growth it reminds me of Beyonce's Homecoming performance. She celebrated her return by paying homage to her past with the ones that made it so incredible. When I think of things like that, it makes going to my school's coming such a necessity for me. It's like a yearly growth check for me for when I may be feeling doubtful of who I am, homecoming is that opportunity for me to reminisce but also remind myself that "hey bitch you've come a long way, and you are doing amazing sweetie!" Make your school's homecoming, your own personal homecoming, and celebrate the wins and losses that got you here, along with getting excited about more personal growth to come.

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