Female Empowerment Events are Useless, Unless We Are Actually Doing It

There I said it. Now things don't have to be awkward anymore, am I right? I remember when I first started my business, almost 7 years ago, I was so excited! I wanted to meet everyone, I wanted to help everyone. I would make a list of networking events, mainly events centered around women, happening every week and I would just find a way to make it to all of them. I'd have my business cards and walk up to every interesting person I could and introduce myself with a big smile. I felt comfortable because I was around women that I thought were just like me. Eager, talented, and ready to help the world. Women empowerment events have that appeal to them you know. They dress their flyers and presentation up as if it is going to be the event that's going to change your life! Don't get me wrong, these events are all awesome, and I love going to them! I'm in no way against female empowerment. What I'm not really a fan of is the aftermath, what happens after the events are over and everyone goes home. I remember at one event I made this incredible connection with a woman, who just really inspired me! I got her card and contacted her a few times, wasn't really met with the same energy that moved me at the event. I even remember once incident of feeling frustrated about the progress of my business and contacting her for just some kind words or some guidance and I remember some of her first words to me were "what exactly do you expect me to do? Not sure what you want from me..." Can you imagine how embarrassed I was? I felt like my mind and body had but through a trash compactor. Let's not mention the numerous times I've reached out to other women in my field with questions, looking for guidance, and got nothing but a cold shoulder or left on read. How am I supposed to be empowered by women, when women treat each other like it's every person for themselves? When I look up "empowerment" online, it means the "professional support of people, which enables them to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognize and use their resources." Women have long been a group of people that have been overlooked, brushed past, and ignored by society. What's even crazier about that is on top of how the world we live in treats us, we're responsible for bringing new life into the world and being the backbone for men and children. Even with responsibilities like this, we still are one of the largest groups to start businesses and contribute to our communities on a consistent basis. I've met so many women that don't even realize it is possible to do more than just be someone's wife or someone's mom. So to empower women, that's a PROCESS, that takes more than just one event or a series of events. That takes a community of women banning together and be committed to ...EACH OTHER! Being committed to furthering the legacy of women as a whole. Do you know how powerful we all can be if we just work together FOR REAL? The idea and the mere thought of women working together for the betterment of each other, not to gossip, not to attack one another, but to truly empower each other is incredible. But that's the thing, it's just been an idea for people that we celebrate, but we are putting it into action. Female empowerment ideas are being planned and created around the CONCEPT of female empowerment, but not the actual act of it. It's like "yeah that would be cool! So let's plan an event around it, but never really do anything about making it happen." Ladies, let's stop talking the talk, and actually walking the walk. Let's stop doubting ourselves and doubting the power we have individually, and TOGETHER! So, are you down?

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