A Girl Named Hope

One thing that can maybe more worst than dying is being alive and still afraid of death sort of like you are walking dead and not knowing where you are taking steps. Imagine knowing the story of every person that passed us by in this world as each individual hastily rushes and travels to an unknown destination, only known to whoever is awaiting that one's arrival and of course the Traveler! If you could just fathom the thought of conversing with a familiar stranger while exchanging life's stories, lend me an ear as I give to you a heart-felt one and one worth hearing. I know, I know come on already! What exactly do I mean, and where exactly am I going with this? Well, some of us have stories to tell, but for now, allow me to tell you the story of a girl named Hope! Hope gave me permission to tell her story under one condition. That condition being that I format her story in a way and form where the reader can close their eyes and see her! I found this amazing for her to request such of an extended selflessness in hopes that her story could live in the eyes of another person who may know some one like Hope. Hope can be a mother, sister, aunt, or niece, so not to personalize Hope’s story too much, we will call her “Lil sis.” She used to be a shy girl, a never get high girl, a home from school by 3, and in the house by 9 girls but you see this cold world took effect of this Hope girl and her friend Molly had her popping ex with their homegirls she was being grown out late instead of being home. She had a boyfriend but now even her boyfriend begin to treat her wrong but "Lil sis" just stuck around and kept doing what it is she knows and that would be clubbing every weekend if you would let her tell it things were more fun when she was drinking. Yes, I know that she should have had a brother that could teach her a father or a distant uncle who could reach her because little sis out exchanging love for some sneakers but only if she knew her true worth she wouldn't want them heels that goes with her new purse however she still loving her sone him they say love is blind so she cant see he messing with her friends a bunch of lies little sis living in deceit she’s a treasure so I don't know why she keeps giving him the key i told her to use protection if she going to be dipping in them sheets because the last thing she wants is to be given a disease no direction little sis mind is in the streets she in the club again drunk as she’s grinding to the beat its crazy because little sis just had a baby a blessing also life lesson for a lady so now maybe she can teach them what she knows every flower needs rain little sis so they can grow.

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