5 Black Businesses You Can Support in 2021

The Year of COVID hasn't been kind to many of us, but I for one am happy to see the continuous rise of black businesses through the madness. They are small but mighty! And they aren't letting a pandemic dim their light in any way. There are hundreds, yes HUNDREDS, of new black businesses being opened every week around the country. Black culture and black history continue to prove their resilience through 2020 and beyond.

Here are 5 of our favorites here in the Lowcountry that are surviving and thriving: Small Haze Designs Small Haze Designs offers a creative advantage to small businesses by implementing the latest design trends and techniques to help your brand shine amongst others. They provide you with affordable services and work with you to ensure your vision is brought to life in the most efficient way possible. Be it content development for social media, new website construction, or even creative packaging for your products, they work with you to create a consistent message to your audience that is guaranteed to bring you a great reputation and more business. Learn more and shop at www.smallhazestudio.com/shop AVAS In need of the proper support for your small business? A virtual assistant can keep you, and your small business on track with your professional goals, and freeing up your time to focus on strategic goals. AVAS is a locally owned and operated organization committed to seeing small businesses thrive in the Lowcountry. Their competitive pricing and creative services are a dream come true to any small business owner having difficulties seeing their way through the most mundane and technical of tasks. Learn more at www.adrianasvasllc.com Bliss Embellishments Make a statement to the world in everything you do with Bliss Embellishments. This custom designs brand takes your everyday accessories from drab to fab with their creative bedazzling techniques. Make a statement to the world by letting your personality shine, or increase the value of any piece of clothing or accessory with the option to bedazzle and customize it how you desire. There are no limits on creativity with Bliss Embellishments. Shop now at www.blissembellishments.com Alicia's Financial Corner Finances are not the most fun or attractive thing to talk about, but Alicia's Financial Corner is diligently working to change that. Alicia provides clients with peace of mind and confidence when it comes to maintaining their finances, and reaching their financial goals. She works with you to create realistic, customized, strategies to help identify and eliminate financial risk, putting long-term wealth closer within your grasps. You can properly plan for the future with Alicia in your corner. Learn more at www.aliciasfinancialcorner.com The Goddess Experience The beauty industry has evolved like no other within the past 5 years. One brand that continues to forge a path of its own, while keeping up with the latest industry trends is The Goddess Experience. What Zippora and her talents bring is more than just applying make-up to a face, but creating a true luxury experience for each man or woman that sits in her chair. With every stroke of her brush, every drop applied to your face creates an enjoyable and empowering opportunity for both the artist and client. Her experience and love of her craft have awarded her with the knowledge to confidently recommend the best brands and techniques to create the best results for any occasion. Book her now at www.thegoddezzexperience.com

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