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Exquisite Internet Radio is the soapbox of the Lowcountry that features music and original podcasts from creatives around the Southeastern Region of the United States.


Our music rotation is a daily mix of the latest hip hop, pop, old school, alternative, and a number of other genres. The podcasts are focused on a number of topics such as politics, community engagement, social commentary, and so much more.

We are invested in providing platforms for professionals and creatives to grow and express themselves without judgment or worry.

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Exquisite Internet Radio
The Girl Boss Hour

Listen anytime at: https://anchor.fm/thegirlbosshour

About the Show: The Girl Boss Hour is an Exquisite Radio curated show, centered around a meeting of the minds between female bosses Desiree Middleton & Adriana Richardson.


These ladies sit down and give us the low down on issues that affect female bosses & make them great. ​
Follow Desiree on Instagram @desiree_the_author
Follow Adriana on Instagram @avasllc

Exquisite Internet Radio

Listen Anytime At: https://anchor.fm/heygirlheyshow

​​About the Show: Hey Girl Hey! is centered around the kick-ass friendship between Kim B. & Jalesa G.! Every show they discuss their shenanigans from the past and present, including topics relevant to badass female millennials

Hosted by Jalesa & Kim
Follow Jalesa on Instagram: @lesaprettyj91
Follow Kim on Instagram: @kim4prez_

Exquisite Internet Radio
Exquisite Conversations

Listen Anytime At: https://anchor.fm/exquisiteconvos

About The Show: Exquisite Conversations is an hour-long show featuring dynamic individuals around the Lowcountry engaging in incredible conversations centered around their communities, their brands, their experiences, and more.

Hosted by The Exquisite One, Kim B.
Follow Kim on Instagram: @kim4prez_