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The media has a powerful ability to shape our views of products, issues, institutions, and brands. Media exposure is integral to raising awareness of your brand, products, and services. 

Advertising Opportunities

We offer unique & affordable advertising opportunities through our two media channels, Exquisite Radio & Exquisite Life Magazine. Price Packages available for long term advertising. 

Both our online magazine and internet radio stations see over 1500 listeners and viewers, around the Southeastern Region.

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Platform Building & Promotion

Your business relies on you for its survival, and its life-blood is sales. Building a robust platform is the most effective and sustainable way to attract prospects and convert them into customers.

We offer media coaching & outreach services for small businesses, or brands, in need of extra help & guidance when creating a platform for themselves. 

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Small Business Media Services

Media Training

$40 Per Hour

Media training is a specialized form of communications training that helps media-facing individuals to anticipate reporter behavior, avoid common traps, and confidently focus on their messaging.

In addition to preparing for media interviews, or to represent your brand effectively in the media, we also offer day-of coaching for professionals that will need assistance on the day of their appearance or interview. 

Media Outreach

$40 Per Hour

Media outreach is simply putting your story in front of people who have a platform to tell it to a wider audience. If done effectively, a well-placed story about you and/or your company can be a branding goldmine.

Media outreach involves contacting various publications, and media outlets, and pitching story ideas in an attempt to secure placement of an article. 

Media Writing

$35 Per Piece

Press Releases
Statements to the Press
Official Announcements 

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We offer media coaching & training services to small businesses & brands in need of proper preparation & guidance to best represent their brand values & goals. 

Our Media Outlets

We continue to provide more and more creative media platforms for local talent and professionals to reach others and promote their work. 

Exquisite Life Magazine

Formerly known as So Exquisite Charleston Magazine, Exquisite Life Magazine is an online lifestyle & culture magazine centered around arts & creativity, community, small business, music, and more. We believe that people should live the life that they choose, and by their design.

For years in Charleston, we've told the stories through our interviews and features that have helped increase exposure for many thriving small businesses & creatives, and musicians. Prior to our recent name change & redirection, So Exquisite Charleston Magazine saw over 1500 readers a week from around the Southeastern Region, and over 500 around the world.

Click the link below and inquire about our advertising & becoming a writer for Exquisite Life.

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Exquisite Internet Radio

Our internet radio station is the soapbox of the Charleston community, featuring shows and content from some of the Southeastern Region's most creative and innovative minds looking to share knowledge and empower those that are underserved. Since its founding in the Fall of 2019, Exquisite Radio brings in over 2000 listeners a week around the Southeastern Region and an additional 1000 from around the world. We continue to look for new creatives to collaborate with to create entertaining and thought-provoking conversations for our listeners.

If you are a creative with an existing brand or podcast that you'd like on air, click the link below to visit our website and inquire. If you'd like to start your own show on our station, check out our reference sheet on how to get started podcasting, and steps to take before you go on air.

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