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Exquisite Enterprises Inc. is an organization very much invested in the community, and its people. We believe it's necessary, as a small business, to give back and contribute to the community in a positive way if you hope to continue to serve and be a part of it. We are passionate when it comes to issues that we feel affect underserved or overlooked communities and the events that we create seek to bring awareness to these communities, the issues they face, and bring people together to create solutions. ​

 Each of these events was chosen to be annual because of their success, impact on attendees, and the new relationships we were able to build from them. As the business continues, this list is subject to change.

Exquisite Kids Summit

The Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020 has certainly turn the educational systems of our country upside down. Parents and families have had to adjust to e-learning alternatives, and potential risks for their student returning in the Fall. As a small business, proudly serving the Lowcountry for over 7 years, we believe it is our duty to step up and prepare our students, families, and communities, for a new school year.

Each year, we'll bring together small businesses & creatives to share their knowledge and resources with YOU, to help your student and family excel together, for school years to come. 

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Exquisite Women Empowerment Day

The Exquisite Women Empowerment Day is a day celebration for women of all backgrounds to engage in empowering dialogue & activities centered around 3 central topics. Every year, we pick 3 central themes that affect us, allow us to share opportunities for professional and personal advancement, support one another wholeheartedly, and elevate our individual dispositions.

Throughout this day, enjoy an afternoon of talks from various female leaders in the Lowcountry centered around the themes of the year, as well as activities for attendees to bond, learn, and have fun. This is a unique experience for each attendee that we hope will not just make a difference in our communities, but change the dynamics amongst women and inspire generations that follow. 

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Exquisite Honors

The Exquisite Honors is our annual celebration of the past, present, and future of black entrepreneurship in the Lowcountry. Charleston was once known as a city big for its black entrepreneurship all throughout downtown Charleston. Since then, many of those businesses have faded away and are nonexistent now. Today, there has been a huge wave of entrepreneurship in the black community that has arisen and we want to celebrate it and recognize those who are leading the way and changing lives.

Honorees are chosen by a panel of 5 professionals in the Charleston community, that each present 3 candidates based on our three pillars: Leadership, Selfless Ambition, Compelling Influence. From their candidates, we choose the 5 honorees. 25% of proceeds from tickets will benefit our 501(c)(3) non-profit Exquisite Kids and their annual programs and community initiatives.

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Upcoming Events

We make it a goal to always be active in our communities with different events and programs that allow creatives and other members of the community to network and empower one another.




Exquisite Women Empowerment Day

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