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Over 8 years strong serving the Lowcountry

Business Team

Founded in March of 2013, with one of our subsidiaries, So Exquisite Charleston Magazine, we stood firm on the premise that we were a publication that was by the people and for the people. With that, we expanded into what we are today.

We are a creative agency focused on empowering small businesses by arming them with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful. We narrow our focus to the areas that can make or break a small business: branding, marketing, and strategizing. Our goal is to help you develop a strong brand and presence for your small businesses, to increase productivity and results you can't imagine. Anyone can start a business, but it's the strategies in place that really make a difference.

Under Our Umbrella

Over our 8 years serving the Lowcountry, we've had the pleasure of expanding our brand new directions. Check out some of our sister brands below.

Exquisite Life

Formerly known as So Exquisite Charleston Magazine, Exquisite Life Magazine offers commentary, perspective, and analysis on culture, the arts, and politics for millennials of color. Our goals are to provide a unique space for creativity to thrive in the Lowcountry and explore the impact of the world on millennials, and the impact of millennials on the world.

For years in Charleston, we've told the stories through our interviews and features that have helped increase exposure for many thriving small businesses & creatives, and musicians. Prior to our recent name change & redirection, So Exquisite Charleston Magazine saw over 1500 readers a week from around the Southeastern Region, and over 500 around the world.

Exquisite Kids

Exquisite Kids is a grassroots non-profit organization committed to promoting positive behavior, and increased self-esteem as an integral key in the development of pre-adolescent and adolescent children.


Creativity and relationships are how we build our foundation and impact children in a meaningful way. Our other areas of focus are: 

  • Creative Programming & Mentorship to the Youth

  • Increased Access to Academic & Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Raising Awareness on Social & Emotional Traumas Faced by the Youth

Exquisite Radio

Our internet radio station is the soapbox of the Charleston community, featuring shows and content from some of the Southeastern Region's most creative and innovative minds looking to share knowledge and empower those that are underserved.

Since its founding in the Fall of 2019, Exquisite Radio brings in over 2000 listeners a week around the Southeastern Region and an additional 1000 from around the world. We continue to look for new creatives to collaborate with to create entertaining and thought-provoking conversations for our listeners.


A Girl With A Plan

Kimberly Denise Bowman, an experienced creative and cultural enthusiast, and Charleston native is a lifelong advocate and champion for small business advancement, connecting members of the community through various activities, and youth rights & empowerment.


She brings an unwavering sense of passion, and deliberate creativity to her leadership roles with Exquisite Enterprises Inc. and Exquisite Kids, equating to a combined 10 + years of community outreach and service, and entrepreneurship experience. She believes in living a life of your own design, as evidenced by her transition from a career in customer service, to running multiple small businesses in the Tri-County area, and consistently inserting herself into collaborative spaces to provide opportunities to underserved groups, communities, and professionals. 

Kimberly's personal vision and purpose fueled her decision to leave the comfort of a full-time job, to fully invest her time and energy into launching her businesses and pursuing her passions wholeheartedly. She hopes to continue leading the professional and creative communities of the Lowcountry into more spaces that increase access to resources and opportunities, and a regional expansion of both Exquisite Enterprises Inc. and Exquisite Kids to continue her work and legacy.

What We Bring To The Table

We have the resources & knowledge available to arm any small business with the essential tools and skills they need to be successful.

Fresh Perspective

It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when you’re immersed in your own brand every day, all day long. We can provide much-needed perspective to guide or improve your strategy, as well as fresh ideas to help you achieve your goals.


If your current strategy isn’t delivering the results you want, we can take the reigns and advise you on how to tweak, improve, or revise your strategy.

One of the most common reasons to seek outside help is because your brand doesn’t have the knowledge, bandwidth, or resources to do the work that needs to be done. In addition to being well-rounded pros, we have an established network of expert creators.


& Resources

What We Offer


We are a brand that's obsessed with helping the local economy and communities continue to grow in creative and engaging manners. Our focus has changed in great ways over the years, but we've narrowed it down to a unique number of areas and services we specialize in best. Anything we can't help you in some way on, we do our best to connect you with someone who can.

Small Business Support

We believe small businesses to be the lifeline of our communities. Marketing & Branding Consulting, Graphic Design & Printing, and many others are just a few of the ways we work to make small businesses successful.

Book Publishing Services

We offer publishing services for brands or professionals looking to publish their own eBooks, audiobooks, and paperback books.

Media Relations & Creative Platforms

Throughout our years in the Lowcountry, we've seen media evolve in an extremely creative and unique way. We continue to provide more and more creative media platforms for local talent and professionals to reach others and promote their work.

Creative Consulting

Creativity is our passion! We love contributing to growing brands with written content, digital media, and innovative ideas. We work with you to take your brand to another level through consulting sessions and creative solutions to problems your brand or business may be facing.